Eurovision 2015: My liveblog

Last year I livetweeted the Eurovision Song Contest and it went down surprisingly well.

Ever a sucker for trying to make lightning strike twice, I decided to do the same again this year.

Here, then, are my tweets of the night in the order they were posted. Continue reading “Eurovision 2015: My liveblog”

Eurovision 2014: My liveblog

If you don’t think the Eurovision Song Contest should be on this website, you’ve clearly never seen it before.

Its selection of ‘unique’ performances means it sure as shit qualifies as “a bit mental”.

Here, then, are my entire thoughts on the show’s performances, as I tweeted them at the time. Continue reading “Eurovision 2014: My liveblog”

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 – Liveblog

If you’re like me you’re morbidly curious every time Celebrity Big Brother comes around. It’s the lowest of the low but, just like an old person slipping on the snow and breaking a leg, you can’t help but stop there and wince before getting on with your life.

Celebrity Big Brother logoWith that in mind I’ve decided to revive one of the most popular articles on That Was A Bit Mental, the Celebrity Big Brother opening show liveblog.

From 9pm tonight (which at the time of writing is just under an hour away) I’ll be giving you commentary on the show, discussing each celebrity housemate as they’re revealed and, inevitably, admitting I don’t have the faintest fucking clue who they are.

Sadly, I don’t have fancy auto-updating abilities and can’t sort them out at such short notice so you’ll have to make do with refreshing the page to get new comments.

I hope you’ll join me for Celebrity Big Brother 2014, so we can ‘enjoy’ discovering this year’s batch of E-listers together. Continue reading “Celebrity Big Brother 2014 – Liveblog”

Celebrity Big Brother liveblog

Love it or hate it, Celebrity Big Brother is something that could very much be considered a bit mental. So since I’m at a loose end tonight, here’s my liveblog of the first episode, in which each of the “celebrities” were announced, along with my reactions as they happened.

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