The TWABM ebook – sale now on!

Hey! You there. Haven’t you bought the That Was A Bit Mental Volume 1 ebook yet?

GhouliesIf not, you are to be rewarded for your apathy and/or laziness, because I’m dropping the price for a limited time to mark the New Year.

Yes, for a short period you can now download the ebook for only £0.99 / $1.59, instead of the usual price of £2.22 / $3.49.

That’s less than a quid for 350 pages of sarcastic cult movie reviews, a hundred of the buggers in total. And you probably can’t say fairer than that – though to be fair I haven’t researched that claim much.

So pop over to Amazon and get That Was A Bit Mental Volume 1 now from the Kindle store while it’s dirt cheap. You don’t need to have a Kindle – it also works a treat on the Kindle app on iOS, Android and Windows.

NOTE: For some reason Amazon can be a little weird when I try to change the price, so you may be charged a couple of pence more (at the time of writing, for example, it’s £1.02 instead of £0.99).

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