TWABM Vol 1 eBook – FREE for a limited time!

Back in October, I released the first ever That Was A Bit Mental eBook. A few people bought it – these people are considered legends.

Then, in January this year, I dropped the price. A few more people bought it – these people are considered friends.

TWABM ebookThe rest of you, those who have yet to buy it, I consider work in progress. One day you will hang on my every word and treat every new review like another little droplet from heaven. But you need more convincing.

Of course, I’m only joking! *glares* Either way, I’m not going to be updating the site for a couple of weeks, so I recommend you spend that time catching up on some of the other 223 reviews already on That Was A Bit Mental.

Since the best way to do this is read the aforementioned eBook, which contains special ‘Writer’s Cut’ versions of the first 100 reviews on the site – complete with re-written jokes, extra bits and bonus trivia for every film – I’ve decided to do you a little favour.

For the next two weeks – that’s until the evening of Sunday, August 10 – you can download a PDF version of the That Was A Bit Mental Volume 1 eBook, right here, free of charge.

This is the first time the book’s been made available in PDF form, meaning you don’t need a Kindle or Kindle software to read it anymore – just bung it onto your device of choice.

coverSince it’s a PDF that means it’s also completely DRM free, meaning if you want to you can send it to your friends. In fact, I’m asking you to.

Email it to your friends. Post a link to this page on your Twitter or Facebook feeds. If you’re signed up to a forum start a thread telling people about it. Add the fucker to a Torrent site if you want.

I’m now treating this first eBook as a big 225-page advert for That Was A Bit Mental. The more new people get their hands on my eBook, the more new people will read my piss-takey reviews for the first time and hopefully be encouraged to buy the second one when it comes out later this year (it’ll be just as long and shouldn’t be any more than £2).

So, this is your new mission. Below is a link to the eBook. Download it (right-click and choose Save Target As or whatever the fuck it is in your browser of choice, there are too many alternatives these days). Share it. Make sure as many people get it as possible.


And if you really like it, feel free to throw me a bone and either buy a copy from Amazon (it’s only £1.02), or just write a review on the site so more Amazon shoppers will be tempted to give it a go.

I really want to build this site into something bigger and better, but I won’t be able to do that effectively until more people are reading it. So if you like what I write, spread the word like [celebrity name removed by lawyer] spreads grotesque life-threatening sexual infestations.

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