This little three-minute film will make you defecate profusely

If you’ve been a regular reader of That Was A Bit Mental you’ll notice that all the films I’ve reviewed so far this year have one thing in common: they’re about as scary as solar panels. Which are not scary.

In just three minutes, Lights Out changes this. It’s a short film made for a challenge called Who’s There? in which filmmakers had to make an effective horror story in three minutes.

Most of it is just a case of tension building, but the final shot will stay with you for a long time, especially if you’re the sort of person who has trouble sleeping.

Make it full screen and enjoy (no loud boo scares, I promise. I hate that sort of cheap shit).

Frost (2012) UK trailer

If sci-fi horror set in the snow is your sort of thing (and why wouldn’t it be), then Frost might be right up your frost-encrusted alley.

Originally released in 2012, it’s finally getting a UK DVD release in February, and to celebrate this the fine folks at distribution company Entertainment One have released this UK trailer.

Frost is out on DVD in the UK on 10 February. I’ll have a review on That Was A Bit Mental as soon as possible.

The House Of Him (2014) trailer – One to watch

I’m a massive fan of Rab Florence’s work. A Glaswegian with a passion for gaming, wrestling, comedy and horror films, he’s basically me with talent.

Naturally, this makes me slightly biased when I say the trailer for The House Of Him, the first feature film from his Bold Yin production company, looks fucking brilliant.

After all, how can you possibly take my opinion as an objective one, given that I’m blindly devoted to Rab’s previous work, such as his video game shows Consolevania and Videogaiden and comedy series Burnistoun (of which cast members Louise Stewart, Kirsty Strain and Richard Rankin also star in The House Of Him)?

In fact, you could go so far as to say my opinion is completely worthless here, and that by disclaiming my obvious vested interest at the beginning my view on the trailer has become null and void.

You’d better have a watch for yourself them. BOOM! I GOT YE HOOKED IN, YA BASTARD.

See? I wasn’t lying. It looks amazing. To keep an eye out for The House Of Him as it nears its February 2014 release, you can follow the film’s Facebook page. And, naturally, you can expect a review on That Was A Bit Mental in the near future.

Just, you know… don’t expect me to say it’s shite or anything.

Just Say Hi – Just watch it

A few weeks back the 2013 Virgin Media Shorts award winners were announced.

If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s a competition in which emerging filmmakers can submit their own short movies in the hopes of winning £30,000 to go towards the shooting of their next film.

While the Grand Prize went to Nimer Rashed and his short film Touch, it was John McPhail and his crew at Worrying Drake Productions who won the hearts of the common man by winning both the public-voted awards: the Nikon People’s Choice award and the Tivo award.

A disclaimer: I’m biased because John’s a friend of mine. But even if he wasn’t I still would have voted for his film, Just Say Hi, because it’s just so bloody adorable.

Have a gander at the short for yourself to see what I mean. Congrats Johnny boy: can’t wait to see what you come up with next.