The House Of Him (2014) trailer – One to watch

I’m a massive fan of Rab Florence’s work. A Glaswegian with a passion for gaming, wrestling, comedy and horror films, he’s basically me with talent.

Naturally, this makes me slightly biased when I say the trailer for The House Of Him, the first feature film from his Bold Yin production company, looks fucking brilliant.

After all, how can you possibly take my opinion as an objective one, given that I’m blindly devoted to Rab’s previous work, such as his video game shows Consolevania and Videogaiden and comedy series Burnistoun (of which cast members Louise Stewart, Kirsty Strain and Richard Rankin also star in The House Of Him)?

In fact, you could go so far as to say my opinion is completely worthless here, and that by disclaiming my obvious vested interest at the beginning my view on the trailer has become null and void.

You’d better have a watch for yourself them. BOOM! I GOT YE HOOKED IN, YA BASTARD.

See? I wasn’t lying. It looks amazing. To keep an eye out for The House Of Him as it nears its February 2014 release, you can follow the film’s Facebook page. And, naturally, you can expect a review on That Was A Bit Mental in the near future.

Just, you know… don’t expect me to say it’s shite or anything.

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