TWABM Vol 2 eBook – FREE for a limited time!

TWABM 2 coverIt’s that festive time of the year where giving is more important than receiving… or at least that’s what I try to tell my loved ones when I’m trying to get more Blu-rays from them for Christmas.

That’s why I’m giving you a Christmas present.

Last week I hit a delightful wee milestone, in that my ebook That Was A Bit Mental Volume 1 hit 600 downloads. For a wee book that has had zero publicity other than a few tweets, I’m delighted with this.

To celebrate, and to get you in the Christmas spirit, I’m giving you my follow-up ebook, That Was A Bit Mental Volume 2.

Yes, just giving you it. For free.

Usually this would set you back £1.99 on the Amazon Kindle Store, but from now until the end of December, you can download a PDF version using this link:

TOO LATE – it’s gone, sorry!

No catch. It’s just a PDF file. Download it, save it (right-click and choose Save Target As or whatever the hell it is in browsers these days), do what you want with it. Except for trying to sell it and pretending it’s yours, obviously.

Here's the lovely Tulisa, double-checking the script to see if she's really only in the first two minutes
It includes a review of Demons Never Die, the odd slasher film starring Tulisa from X Factor

For the princely sum of fuck all, That Was A Bit Mental Volume 2 features special ‘Director’s Cut’ versions of 100 of the reviews on this site. Each has been tweaked, expanded and polished up a bit, and each features a brand new Bits & Pieces section with little trivial nuggets not featured on the site.

It’s a hefty read too – these aren’t wee capsule reviews you’re dealing with. The Kindle version (which is the roughly the same dimensions as a normal trade paperback) is 415 pages long, and this new PDF version (which converts it to A4) is still 258 pages, making it at least twice as long as any good magazine you care to mention.

This is the first time the book’s been made available in PDF form, meaning you don’t need a Kindle or Kindle software to read it any more – just bung it onto your eReader, tablet, phone, PC or other PDF-reading device of choice.

"Well, ever since the Double Rainbow guy I've been overworked"
There’s also a review of Leprechaun In The Hood, because of course there is

I will ask one thing of you, though. And, again, it’s not a catch and is entirely optional.

If you enjoy this ebook, please do spread the word and tell people about it.

Email the PDF to your friends. Post a link to this page on your Twitter or Facebook feeds. If you’re signed up to a forum start a thread telling people about it. Add the fucker to a Torrent site if you want.

And if it isn’t still free by the time you get round to spreading the word, send them to the Amazon page where they can buy it.

And once you’ve done all that, if you’re still feeling particularly enthused, feel free to leave a review on Amazon too – you don’t need to have bought it to share your opinion.

Please Don't Eat My Mother
Mind and tell them about the Please Don’t Eat My Mother review

Finally, if you don’t have it yet, you can still get That Was A Bit Mental Volume 1 on the Kindle store for £1.19, offering another 346 pages of goodness.

If you’ve already bought either Volume 1 or Volume 2, thank you so much for your support. I’m sorry there’s nothing for you this time around but I’m working on something special for those who bought the Kindle versions of both books, so watch this space.

I’ve got plans to breathe some new life into this site in the near future, including a pledge to finish my goal of reviewing every Video Nasty by the end of next year.

And keep an eye out for the third ebook, the deviously-titled That Was A Bit Mental Volume 3, some time in 2016.

Thanks again, and have a brilliant Christmas.


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