Series Overview – Twin Peaks (1990-1992)

When discussing the most important TV dramas ever created, it’s more or less impossible not to mention Twin Peaks.

David Lynch and Mark Frost’s bizarre tale of murder, infidelity, possession and… um, owls gripped American audiences when both series first aired in the early ’90s, and continues to find new fans watching it for the first time to this day.

A third season is currently planned for 2016.

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Twin Peaks: Season 1 (1990)
“The first season of Twin Peaks remains a masterpiece 25 years after it first aired. There’s enough going on in these eight episodes to fill three seasons of any other show, but it’s presented with such expert pacing, direction and dialogue that it never overwhelms, at least not in that sense.”


Twin Peaks: Season 2 (1990-91)
Twin Peaks‘ second season may not have taken the television world by storm in the same way the first season did, and its descent into surrealism may have made it significantly less comprehensible, but stick with it and it eventually settles into another riveting mystery, albeit one that never quite manages to reach the heady heights of those first eight episodes.”


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)
Fire Walk With Me will not make an awful lot of sense the first time you watch it, or even the second time. This is a film so thickly spread with imagery and metaphor that it will require multiple viewings to get your head round it and truly appreciate it for what it is.”


Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (1992/2014)
“For over 20 years Twin Peaks fans have discussed these mythical deleted scenes, with only the shooting script and the occasional mention of them in cast and crew interviews as indication that they did indeed exist.”


Twin Peaks international pilot (1990)
“Since the pilot was going to cost $1.6 million to make, ABC wanted Lynch and Frost to write and film an ending, revealing Laura Palmer’s killer and drawing a line under it all by the end of that single episode. The result, then, is a sort of alternative reality version of Twin Peaks in which Laura Palmer has a different killer.”

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