A little reminder

This is you if you use RSS feeds

If you’re reading this shortly after it was posted in early January 2011, it’s probably because I know you, you know me, and you’ve been sent here via a link I’ve put up on either Facebook or Twitter. If that’s the case then I’m sorry about all those links, they won’t last long, just until I feel comfortable that people are checking the blog regularly and I’m not being paranoid.

If by some stroke of madness you do actually like what you’ve read so far then there’s a little link on the right-hand side of the page (under the Video Nasties list) where you can subscribe to this blog. That basically means that every time I write a review you’ll get an email with the review in it. Handy stuff, I say. But then again, I would because I wrote the bugger.

And if you’re one of those nerdy futuristic Tomorrow’s World types of people who have a voice-controlled house and ride a Segway, you probably also have some sort of RSS reader installed. If so, you’ll find the RSS feed for this site conveniently tucked under the Subscribe section.

It’s never been easier for me to wring every last bastard page hit from your cold, dead hands. Try it out!

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