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What is the haps my friend. This is a new blog that I hope will actually take off and won’t become abandoned after two weeks like many of my projects do when I realise I don’t have any real spare time to do them.

When I’m not playing video games for a living I’m spending as much of my free time as possible watching movies, preferably those that are a little kookier and off-the-wall than the more mainstream fare. While I’ve got a wide-ranging taste and can watch more or less any kind of film, my specialty by far is horror, and over the past ten years or so I’ve easily watched thousands of cheap and nasty horror flicks from all sub-genres, nationalities and eras.

As a result I’ve seen some bizarre things that your standard cinema blockbusters just don’t tend to show. I’ve seen a Japanese woman giving birth to a fully-grown man (Gozu), I’ve seen an Italian zombie wrestling with a shark underwater (Zombie Flesh Eaters) and I’ve seen a man having his goolies chopped off in a bath by a wronged woman (I Spit On Your Grave). These are the moments that make lesser-known films fun for me, because they go beyond what mainstream studios think the audience wants to see.

This blog, then, is a celebration of the more weird and wonderful movies I tend to watch. Any time I see a film that strikes me as offbeat, odd or unusual I’ll pop a review on here. While horror will be far and away the most covered genre (since that’s what I usually watch), I’ll still add any non-horror films I see that fit into the category (a good example being Shaolin Soccer, a Hong Kong football film in which players’ shots are so powerful they turn the ball into flame-covered tigers and one opposing team consists of female players wearing fake moustaches).

My other purpose for this blog is part of my New Year’s resolution. As I recently mentioned in my other general blog, I aim to watch all 72 ‘video nasty’ films that were banned by the UK’s Director of Public Prosections in 1984. Since all these films are notorious and certainly not mainstream, all 72 of them will (hopefully) in time be reviewed in this blog.

I hope you enjoy my reviews, and if you have any suggestions for films you want me to cover then by all means mention them in the comments and I’ll do my best to get round to nabbing them.

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