The Spanish Chainsaw Massacre (2013) review

Director: Manolito Motosierra Starring: Pedro García Oliva, Óscar Gisbert, Nereida López Also known as: Carnívoros OSCAR – “Before we have sex, I need to know your name.” YOLANDA – “They call me… Spain’s bitch.” OSCAR – “Oh! Yeah! That’s right.… More

Before they were famous: 40 big name actors and their horror film pasts

Here, in order of surname, is a handy list of major actors and actresses who found themselves in (usually extremely low budget) horror films early in their careers. Just to make sure they won’t be able to forget them.

The Proper Mental List

In the years since I started That Was A Bit Mental, the site’s remit has expanded. Now I no longer just review completely insane films, I also tend to cover standard horror and non-horror films:… More

The TWABM Hall Of Fame

I often joke to people that That Was A Bit Mental is a site where I review “shite ’80s horror films”, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes they’re from the ’70s. In all seriousness… More

The TWABM Hall Of Shame

The lovely chap you see above is not Jason Voorhees. He’s Trevor Moorhouse, the unofficial mascot of That Was A Bit Mental. Trevor is the killer in Scream Bloody Murder, an atrocious camp slasher film… More