TWABM movie night 1 – Bloody Murder

Way back in 2001, when I started university, my dad bought me a bunch of ex-rental VHS tapes from the local video rental shop to keep me entertained (me being a poor student and all).

One of the films was an unassuming slasher film called Scream Bloody Murder (also known as Bloody Murder in the US). It was one of the worst films I had ever seen.

bloody-murderI fell in love with it.

I became obsessed with this terrible movie. I made all my uni friends watch it. I tried my best to find out what else its actors had been in (not much, it turned out). I even wrote a 12,000-word scene-by-scene analysis for a horror forum I was a member of.

Don’t judge me, it kept me busy.

That was when my love for bad movies started. It’s a love that hasn’t died since that day, and it’s a love that ultimately led to the creation of That Was A Bit Mental.

You see the little masks that appear at the end of all my film reviews on this site? Those aren’t Jason masks. They’re Trevor Moorhouse, the killer in Bloody Murder.


Why am I telling you this? Because, to get you in the Halloween spirit this year, I’m going to stream Bloody Murder on YouTube and I want you to join me. Continue reading “TWABM movie night 1 – Bloody Murder”