The new background

If you’ve visited this blog in the past you’ll probably notice that it now looks a bit different. The new background I’ve added consists of posters for movies that fit into the whole idea of “That Was A Bit Mental”.

A couple of the films featured in the background have already been reviewed on the site, the rest are all viable contenders for reviews at some point in the site’s future. If you have any other films you’d like me to review, please comment below to let me know and, as long as it fits into the “Bit Mental” definition I’ll add it to my watch list.

The background took me a while to put together, so if you want to see the full, unblurred image (I blurred it to make sure the text stands out and isn’t lost in the sea of posters) then click the image below to check it out.

A big thanks to everyone who’s been reading my reviews during these early days. I intend to keep this blog growing for years to come, and I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Over the next week I’ll be posting reviews of Rubber, A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 3, Bless The Child, Friday The 13th and Teen Wolf.

Thanks again guys. Onwards and upwards!


5 thoughts on “The new background

  1. I love the new background! It must have taken a while to put all the posters together, but it really pays off.

    A lot of these films I don’t recognise, but they all look interesting. I look forward to reading reviews of them in future.

    Also, we can suggest films? Great! I can’t really think of any films in particular that fit in with ‘a bit mental’ or ‘slightly less than sane’, but I’ll let you know if I think of any. 😀

    1. Cheers mate. To be honest, the definition of “a bit mental” in my eyes is pretty far-reaching. It’s basically any horror film (since they all feature something a little out of the ordinary) and any other film with something you don’t see every day.

      Though I obviously specialise in horror, from time to time I’ll add non-horror films that still fit into “a bit mental” (like my Teen Wolf review coming up). Stuff like Big, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 could all in theory be reviewed here so it’s a pretty wide-ranging definition.

      No rom-coms, basically 😀

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